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Winter Workouts Help Avoid Weight Gain

Question: I always gain excessive weight in the winter, which seems to hurt my low back. What would you suggest as a way to keep my weight down in the winter?

Answer: The cold and shorter daylight in winter minimizes our availability for outdoor activities. This should not be an excuse to reduce your overall activity levels.Exchange your outside workouts for inside workouts. Our area has exploded with large gym facilities in the last 10 years. Many even have pools and plenty of organized workouts such as pilates or yoga, etc. If you don’t like gyms or your time doesn’t allow you to get to the gym before or after work don’t throw in the towel.

There are plenty of activities you can to stay in shape during the winter months. You can take a walk around the inside of the shopping mall at a fast pace. Go fast enough so you keep anything from catching your eye, otherwise it will thin your wallet.

Another idea is to make a gym in the corner of your basement or garage. Weights, a jump rope and an exercise ball and a television for a workout video would suffice. Stair stepping up and down your steps (if you have them) for 15 to 20 minutes is a great cardiovascular workout and can firm up the “glutes” which can help your low back.

The ideas for home workouts are endless. A simple exercise Thera-band can fulfill an entire workout also. Rather than make excuses not to exercise use your thoughts to create ways to get in shape.

Quote of the week: “I don’t have any bad habits. They might be bad habits for other people, but they’re all right for me.” – Eubie Blake

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