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Chiropractors Support Our Military Ocean County, NJ

Question: Is it true chiropractors were part of the medical team treating our soldiers in Iraq? Answer: Yes is it is true chiropractors were an essential part of the healing forces keeping our troops healthy and sharp. I have been hearing more and more reports of their courageous services from my colleagues as well as […]

Chiropractic Boosts Natural Immunity to Colds Ocean County, NJ
Question: My son just started back to school for a full day of kindergarten. He already has a cold and it is running through everyone in the family. Can chiropractic adjustments help my family fight colds? Answer: Yes, it is back-to-school time and, yes, your child and every child will be exposed to new and […]
Aging Baby Boomer Falls Are A Severe Problem Ocean County, NJ
Question: I live in an adult retirement community and it seems that someone falls and gets hurt almost every day. Why do seniors fall so much and is there anything to prevent this? Answer: Baby boomers are about to populate the senior health-care system and the numbers will double between now and 2050 totaling around […]
Chiropractic Is A Unique Branch of Healthcare

Question: Is Chiropractic alternative health care? Answer: Chiropractic is one of the largest branches of health care in the United States.Federally licensed in every state and many foreign countries, the Doctor of Chiropractic can consult with, examine, diagnose, and treat a person and then submit a diagnosis and treatment plan to an insurance company, HMO, […]

Healthy Home Environment Prevents Winter Colds Ocean County, NJ

Question: Is it possible that I am getting sick due to the heater in my house? Since I turned on the system my nose runs and I feel terrible. Can your home environment cause illness? Answer: Your home environment absolutely can contribute to a weakened immune system leading to illness. The winter season has an […]

A Good Work Out Is Not As Good As An Adjustment Ocean County, NJ

Question: Is a good workout as good as an adjustment? Answer: A program of good physical exercise can have a positive influence on your health. But it is not a substitute for chiropractic care. A healthy diet rich in vegetables fruits and fresh water can have a positive influence on your health but they are […]

What Are Stem Cells And How Are They Used To Relieve Pain Ocean County, NJ

By now, you've probably heard about regenerative medicine and stem cells being used for pain reduction to enhance your quality of life. Stem cell therapy is a game-changer when it comes to the way doctors tackle pain treatment. This medical advancement is non-surgical and does not require dependence on prescription pain medication or opioids. Although […]

What is Regenerative Medicine? Ocean County, NJ

Would you be interested in a cutting edge approach to pain relief and aesthetic treatments that utilizes your body’s self-healing abilities? Regenerative medicine represents a set of unique non-surgical techniques that relies on your cells to initiate healing and repair of injured tissue. Whether it’s treatments containing mesenchymal stem cells and growth factors or platelet-rich […]

Happiness Linked To Better Health Ocean County, NJ

Question: Is it true that happy people get less colds and general illness than unhappy people? Answer: Happy people definitely get less illness and sickness than those that are unhappy. I have written about this phenomenon before but there seems to be a great more research coming out worldwide to support these prior theories. A […]

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