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Smoke Cessation

Kick the habit. In just one treatment.

Are you ready to stop smoking now? Pollack Health and Wellness is here to help. We combine micro-current auriculotherapy with world-class behavior modification techniques to teach the body to quit nicotine addiction...FOREVER. Just one treatment is all it takes!*

Even better, the procedure is painless and takes under 20 minutes to complete.

Save your life and the life of your loved ones.


  1. You will be taught behavior modification tools that permanently STOP any future desire to smoke.
  2. A non-invasive device is used to locate and stimulate 5 auricular reflex points in both ears.
  3. These points are electronically and painlessly stimulated, further cementing and eliminating nicotine urges and addiction.

Kick the Habit in Just One Treatment Toms River NJ

  • 75% effective (with one treatment)*
  • Painless
  • Low in cost

*A small percentage requires a booster session, depending on the time spent addicted to smoking.

Smoke Cessation Beachwood, NJ

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