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    • "Dr. Brandon Pollack has been there for me and helped me through some of the most difficult times of my life. I would recommend his care to any of my family members."

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    • "The effective care provided by Pollack Chiropractic is a perfectly model of knowledge, technique, and personalized care. They pride themselves on understanding their patients to ensure the level of care delivered is appropriate for the individual."

      - P.O.
    • "The best chiropractor you never can find he helps me look better every day and feel better every day I have a lot of little problems and he keeps me going Steve Pollack is the best""

      - W.S.
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    Healthcare Clinic

    Regenerative Medicine

    Regenerative Medicine

    Regenerative medicine deals with the process of restoring the normal function of the body by replacing, engineering or re-engineering human cells, tissues or organs. We offer the two most popular forms of regenerative treatment: human cellular tissue and platelet-rich plasma. Whereas other pain treatments work to treat the symptom of pain, regenerative medicine helps heal what is causing the pain. While each treatment can be highly effective on its own, they are often used in conjunction in a customized treatment plan.

    If you would like to learn more about how regenerative medicine can be used as an alternative to surgery, contact us today for a complimentary consultation. Our doctors will help determine the right treatment option for your condition and well-being.

    Natural Pain Relief

    Natural Pain Relief

    Our healthcare clinic focuses on natural pain relief through regenerative medicine treatments, along with chiropractic care, spinal decompression and physical therapy. Our Doctors provide thorough examinations to discover the cause of your pain and then find the most practical treatment for your condition. Whether you have knee pain, shoulder pain, neuropathy or arthritis, the key is to target the source of your pain, instead of just treating pain as a symptom.

    It is not uncommon to be discouraged by many pain relief treatments that tend to mask pain instead of resolving it. At our pain relief center, we work with each of our patients to find natural options for your condition. Call us today to get started on your treatment plan and get back to living the way you want to live, not the way your pain makes you live.

    Chiropractic Care

    Chiropractic Care

    Our chiropractors take a multidisciplinary approach to chiropractic care in order to ensure you receive results quickly. Our treatments are natural and non-invasive, often resolving your issues in one appointment. We can address many problems and combine several solutions, including physical therapy to help readjust your spine. We also provide corrective techniques to correct motion and restore function and movement.

    The goal of our chiropractors is to help you return to an active life with an improved range of motion and reduced pain in your back, joints, neck, and head. If you have been living with pain or limited mobility, we will recommend a plan of action to enhance your movement and comfort and get you back to feeling great again!

    If you are looking for a healthcare clinic in Ocean County, Toms River, Lakewood Township, Point Pleasant, Beachwood, or any nearby city in New Jersey, call us today at (732) 244-0222. We can help you get your life back and relieve your pain without the use of drugs or surgery!
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    Regenerative Nutritional IV treatments given every Thursday and Smoke Cessation treatments every Wednesday at 6 PM, Appointments are required.

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