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30 Ways To Handle Stress

A Good Physician Respects Your Time

A Good Workout Is Not As Good As An Adjustment

A Healthy Home Environment Prevents Winter Colds

A Well Patient Need Not Get An Adjustment

Aging Baby Boomers Falls Are A Severe Problem

Allergies Can Be Helped

An Apple A Day Can Keep the Doctor Away

Animals Can Receive Chiropractic Adjustments

Arthritis Pains At Night Are Common

Artificial Discs Are Still Experimental

Avoid Cancer By Eliminating Plastics In Microwave

Avoid Genetically Modified Foods GMFs

Avoid Second Party Interference

Babies Need Brain

Baby Walkers Are Dangerous

Back Acne Can Affect Spinal Health

Back Pain Recovery Seen As Grim By Public

Back Problems Are Found in 80 Percent of Population

Back To School Ergonomics

Backup of Back To School Ergonomics

Bananas Act As All Purpose Remedy

Be Careful Reading In Bed

Be Specific With Exercise

Before You Vaccinate

Best Bed For Your Back

Beware of Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners

Bicycle Helmets Do Not Stop Closed Head Injuries

Book Cover

Boost Your Immune System to Fight Flu

Booster Seats Prevent Injuries In Accidents

Brain Diseases

Breathe In Through The Nose Out Through The Mouth

Breathing Assists Adjustments

Buckle Up Your Child In Your SUV

Caffeine Induces Stress

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Is Often Misdiagnosed

Cervical Collars Are For Severe Conditions

Cervical Curves Improve With Chiropractic Care

Check Care Seats For Child's Safety

Check Your Health Insurance Policy Carefully

Children Model Their Parents Health Habits

Children of All Ages Benefit From Chiropractic

Chiropractic Adds Years To Life and Life To Years

Chiropractic Adjustments Improve Your Quality of Sleep

Chiropractic And Medical Students Scored The Same On Primary

Chiropractic And Pregnancy Great Partners

Chiropractic Boosts Natural Immunity To Colds

Chiropractic Care Initially Requires Frequent Visits

Chiropractic Dates Back To Early Civilization

Chiropractic Does Not Cause Strokes

Chiropractic Helps Earaches In Children

Chiropractic Helps In Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Chiropractic Helps Mood Swings

Chiropractic Is A Mainstream

Chiropractic Is Safe And Effective For Children

Chiropractic Is A Unique Branch of Health Care

Chiropractic Wellness Care As A New Year's Resolution

Chiropractic, Diet and Exercise Assist Blood Pressure Conditions

Chiropractors Check Leg Length For Signs Of Imbalance

Chiropractors Don't Raise Stroke Risk

Chiropractors Help Our Military

Chiropractors Integral To Olympics

Chiropractors Learn On Each Other

Chiropractors Use Multiple Methods To Determine Where To Adjust

Chronic Low Back Pain May Be Perpetuated

Chronic Whiplash Pain Can Result In Psychological Distress

Cold Weather Can Affect Joints


Commit To Your Health Resolutions

Competition Breeds Success

Correction of Leg Helps The Spine

Cranial Symmetry Essential In Infants

Cut The Dense Carbs

Dear IUniverse Author

Degenerative Discs Common With Aging

Diet Is Key In Prevention of Osteoporosis

Discuss Self Destructive Habits With Physician

Doctors Can Bill For Missed Appointments

Don't Hurry To Take Out Tonsils

Don't Underestimate Foot Pain

Early Introduction of Solid Foods For Infants May Be Detrimental

Education Of Patients Is Essential To Healing

Eight Out Of Ten People Have Back Problems

Enzyme Therapy Assists Energy Levels

Enzymes Make Vitamin Supplements More Effective

Epidural Injections Rarely Work

Evidence Exists That Back Fusion Surgery Does Not Work

Exercise By Osmosis

Exercise Now Less Pain Later

Fat Misconceptions

Flat Or No Pillow Is Best For Neck Comfort

Floss Your Spine

Follow Tips To Reduce Stress On Holiday Season

Foot Injuries Should Be Taken Seriously

Furniture For Health

Good Posture Starts Early

Happiness Linked To Better Health

Headaches Are Not Normal In Children

Healing Has Much To Do with Doctors Intent

Healing Time Commonly Delayed In Worker

Health Oriented Items Make The Best Gifts

Healthy Lifestyles Prevent Strokes In Women

Hearing Can Be Aided With Chiropractic

Heart Disease Related To Circulatory Disorders

Hiatal Hernia

Home Massage Chairs Are Beneficial

Hydrate Your Body For Maximum Function

Hyper Mobility and Fixation Of Spinal Joints Are Both Unhealthy

Individuals Recover From Symptoms At Different Rate With Chiropractic

Indoor Pollution Can Make You Sick

Infant Birth conditions Respond To Chiropractic

Infants Diet Is Major consideration In Colici

Instructions For A Less Stressful Life

Inversion Tables Give Temporary Relief

It's All About Self Esteem

Jaw Conditions Respond Well to Chiropractic

Keep A Headache Diary

Keep Stress Of Holidays At Bay

Keep Your Appointments

Keeping Appointments Is The Sign Of A Good Patient

Knee Joint Is Complicated

Leave Manipulation To The Professionals

Let's Change Our Focus To Health

Life And Health Are About Balance

Lifestyle Changes Lower Blood Pressure

Many Spine Injuries Can Be Prevented At Home

Men And Women Must Lift Weight Properly

Men And Women Must Lift Weight

Mental Exercises Minimize Senile Dementia

Minimize Your Home Hazards To Your Back

Most Anti

Multi Discipline Treatment For Low

Multiple Diagnostic Procedures Assist Accuracy

Multiple Traumas Weaken Spine

Multi Vitamins Do Not Compensate For Poor Diet

Needlepoint And Crochet Require Proper Posture

Nutritional Advice Compliments Chiropractic Care

Only 7 Percent Of Population Is Treated By Chiropractors

Pain Management Can Be Done Naturally

Paraplegics Benefit From Chiropractic

Parents Recognize Chiropractic Wellness Care For Their Child

Patients Can Help In The Healing Process

Perseverance Helps Chiropractors Survive

PMS Syndromes Can Be Helped Naturally

Poor Posture Should Be Corrected As Early As Possible

Positive Happy Staff Help Keep Chiropractic Office Busy

Posture Evaluation Is Best For Determining Spinal Dysfunction

Power of Threes Helps Self Discipline

Pregnant Moms Love Chiropractic

Preparation Prevents Neck Pain At The Computer

Preparation Prevents Water Sport Injuries

Prepare Ahead When Traveling With Back Pain

Prevention Best Policy For Painful Charley Horse

Prevention Is Best Policy To Avoid Injuries Around The House

Proper Counter Top Height Prevents Back Pain

Proper Fitting Clothing Reduces Irritation

Protect Your Daughters From The Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Pull Start Motors

Reading In Bed May Lead To Neck Problems

Referred Pain Is A Serious Protective Signal

Reflections Of 25 Years In Practice

Replace Bad Habits With Good Habits

Running Extends Life

Self Adjusting To Neck Is Detrimental

Shingles Is Difficult To Diagnose

Slow Down When Exiting Your Vehicle

Sneezing Can Cause Back Pain

Some Chiropractors Make House Calls

Specialists Give Best Advice In Their Own Fields


Stand Up Straight

Stem Cell Research Could Lead To Disc Regeneration

Stressful Childhood Experiences May Lead To Chronic Back Pain

Stretching A Must For Weekend Warrior

Structural Fingerprint Exam

Structure Is Function and Function Is Structure

Study Finds Neck Adjustments Safe

Thank You Readers

The Difference Between Curing And Healing

The Hypothalamus Is Our Thermostat

The Mind Can Create Disease

The Significance Of Spinal Curves

There Is A Connection Between Fatigue And Back Pain

There Is No Exact Cause For Growing Pains In Children

Thoracic Outlet Sydromes Respond To Chiropractic

Time Is Of The Essence When Getting Treatment After Injuries

Tips For Gardening Without Pain

Tips Help Reduce Holiday Stress

Treatment Options For Children With Flat Feet

Untreated Tendons And Ligaments Give Chronic Pain

Use Proper Mechanics In Golf Swing To Prevent Pain

Use Self Hypnosis To Manage Stress

Vegan Diet Is Healthiest Of All

Vertigo And Whiplash May Be Connected

Wash Your Hands And Gargle To Prevent Colds

Watch The Video

Water Exercises Are Safer For Spine

We Shrink In Height As We Get Older

What Is Better Bottled Or Tap Water

What Is Osteoarthritis

Winter Workouts Help Avoid Weight Gain

You Bring The Beauty To The Rose

Your Environment Can Influence Your Health

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