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Wash Your Hands and Gargle to Prevent Colds

Question: What would you suggest to prevent colds and flu before the season starts?

Answer: The most effective way to prevent colds and flu besides chiropractic care is to regularly wash your hands. In the world of anti-bacterial household cleaners, good old-fashioned hand washing is still the best strategy.

Every time your hands touch your face, especially your eyes, nose, or mouth, you give germs a free ride into your body. Germs like to hide out around the cuticles and under the nails. Soap simply dislodges the germs so they can be washed away when you rinse. There is no need to use anti-bacterial hand soap. Experts warn that they may kill one strain of bacteria, but give rise to an even stronger, more resistant strain. This is already happening from the abuse of oral antibiotics.

Gargling with warm salt water or natural apple cider vinegar two to three times daily, especially after meals, can minimize bacteria that may be accumulating in the mouth and throat.

The chiropractic adjustment enhances the natural immune system of the body, which helps your overall resistance to invading organisms. So, wash your hands, gargle and see your chiropractor regularly to avoid colds and flu this coming season.

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