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Chiropractic Wellness Care As A New Year’s Resolution

Question: What would you consider the healthiest New Year’s Resolution?

Answer: I consider family wellness care with chiropractic treatments on a regular basis the healthiest resolution you and your family could make. There is nothing more important than your health and the health of your loved ones. When priorities take precedence in a series of qualifying decisions in life, the greatest priority is your health. There is no greater level of expression of “quality of life” than feeling healthy.

If you have ever suffered with low back pain, neck pain, headaches or just fatigue, it most likely ruined your holiday or the enjoyable time you could have had. Neither money, toys, nor vacations can compensate for well being. You can not enjoy the money, vacation or toys, when your mind and body aren’t functioning properly. He who has the most toys does not necessarily win, especially if you die early.

Chiropractors provide a natural painless holistic approach to health-care maintenance. The nervous system controls the functions of all your cells, tissues, and organs. Chiropractors detect and correct irritations to your nervous system called vertebral subluxations. Any form of stress, whether it is emotional, chemical, physical, family, job, relationships etc; can contribute to an adverse response in your nervous system (the vertebral subluxation). Chiropractic is positioned as the only health-care profession that focuses on the absolute cause of neurological dysfunction. By gently adjusting the vertebrae, chiropractors release the imbalances in the nervous system caused by the over abundance of stress.

Maintenance of your spine to balance your nervous system should be a piority for any family concerned about their quality of life and health. Intelligent families educate themselves and shift responsibilities to make time to get to their chiropractic appointments. The minimal amount of sacrifice and cost it takes to maintain your health is monumentally exceeded by the benefits reaped in having a healthy family.

I may seem extreme in my advice for your New Year’s resolution because after many years of practice I can tell you chiropractic treated families are happier and healthier.

Quote of the week: “People can alter their lives by altering their attitudes.” - William James

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