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Patient Reviews

"I love this doctor. I have heard him speak at chiropractic gatherings up and down the east coast. He brings passion to the profession and professionalism to his practice. When I have patients vacationing in his area, I always tell them that they can go see my friend with confidence should the need arise. This doc is a chiropractor's chiropractor who is respected by his peers."

— C.F.
Dr. Pollack Chiropractor Testimonial
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"Dr. Brandon Pollack has been there for me and helped me through some of the most difficult times of my life. I would recommend his care to any of my family members."

— T.C.

"The effective care provided by Pollack Chiropractic is a perfectly model of knowledge, technique, and personalized care. They pride themselves on understanding their patients to ensure the level of care delivered is appropriate for the individual."

— P.O.

"Well, I have just completed my Vax-D sessions (23 sessions) at Pollack Health and Wellness in Beachwood. Having been diagnosed with adult onset degenerative scoliosis about 3 years ago, the pain in my hips became absolutely unbearable. I have a job where I am sitting for a good part of the day and I have a one hour driving commute to work each day. By the end of a 9 hour working day, I could barely walk to my car. Several months ago, I was introduced to Dr. Pollack, his amazing physical therapist, Chris and the fantastic Vax-D treatment technique. I can honestly say that, after the PT sessions with Chris and the Vax-D therapy, I feel like a new person. I still have the scoliosis....that will never change without surgery, so I am told. However, the compacted discs resulting from it have been decompressed and my pain level is tremendously decreased. I still have tiny bouts of pain now and then, but.....it is NOTHING like it was. I can actually walk to my car at the end of the work day. I am so incredibly grateful to Dr. Pollack and his staff. These treatments have been life changing."

— N.Q.

"The best chiropractor you never can find he helps me look better every day and feel better every day I have a lot of little problems and he keeps me going Steve Pollack is the best"

— W.S.

"Simply the best. Family atmosphere from the waiting room to the appointment. Helped my back out a lot. Very professional. Thank you so much!"

— M.B.

"Steve knows his clients and what they need from him. Works well with children too."

— K.T.

"I hurt my back bad. dr Pollack poked, adjusted, shocked; and lasered me back to health in no time. I wouldn't go anywhere else. best in the area."

— N.V.
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