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The Significance of Spinal Curves

Question: What is the significance of having three spinal curves?

Answer: Your spine is made up of a series of interconnected bones, each on top of the other, that provide numerous benefits to the body including shock absorption, balance, movement, and flexibility. While still in the womb the spine has only one curve, a C-shaped curve, called a kyphotic curve. Later, as a baby begins to experience significant motor development, such as sitting, crawling and walking, muscles begin to develop. As these muscles strengthen, they allow more weight to be shifted to the baby’s spine, causing the formation of secondary curves, called lordotic curves. These curves continue to develop as the child grows.

There are four spinal curves. These curves are vital. Their presence is one of the first things we look for during your examination. Besides permitting turning to the left and right, they allow the spine to support 10 times more weight than if it were straight. This also explains why it is important to follow the procedures associated with proper lifting. If you bend at the waist to pick something up, the spine straightens, putting you at greater risk for injury than bending at the knees when lifting. Infants all the way to elderly require spinal curve maintenance.

Never wait until you have symptoms due to curve change. Prevention and maintenance of your curves on a daily basis at home and work minimizes potential injury. Do you know someone who should be checked for proper spinal curves? Have them call their local chiropractor.

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