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The Knee Joint is Complicated

Question: My knee pain has been getting progressively worse for one year. Now my hip, low back and ankle are hurting. Can the knee joint be the cause of this?

Answer: The knee is a very complicated joint. Its structure is supported by anterior and posterior collateral ligaments as well as medial and lateral collateral ligaments. The joint itself has a thin fluid lined surface called a meniscus. This allows for the smooth gliding action to the joint. Besides the meniscus and ligaments there are overlying tendons from muscles above and below on both the front and back of the leg. Above the joint the hamstrings attach in the posterior and the quadriceps attach in the anterior. Below the joint are the gastrocnemius attachments on the posterior and the anertior tibialis in the front.

There is even an additional muscle behind the knee called the popliteal, which plays an important role in knee function. The reason I am giving you an anatomy lesson is to let you see how difficult it can be to find the specific cause of knee pain.

Even with the high potential to derange any one of these supportive tissues surrounding the knee, I find that the knee is more commonly a secondary adaptation to stresses elsewhere in the body. Chiropractors are very concerned with the bio-mechanics of the entire body and observe entire body posture and movements to determine the true cause of conditions. I find that although the patient may often complain of knee pain, a good portion of the time it is from an imbalance in their spine or pelvis.

Adjusting the knee along with all other biomechanical imbalances will many times take stress off the soft tissue structures described in our anatomy lesson. Soft tissue will heal. Occasionally medication or surgery is required in severe tears and trauma. I suggest a complete and thorough evaluation by a chiropractor that works with sports injuries and or extremities as a primary choice to determine the cause of your condition.

Quote of the week: “The answers aren’t important really … what’s important is -knowing all the questions.” – Zilpha Keatley Snyde

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