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Life and Health are About Balance

Question: Is it normal to have changing levels of good health even when I don’t do anything different in my life?

Answer: We are only human and while on this planet we will experience varied conditions of health as part of normal existence. Life and health are about balance. We require moon and sun, day and night or as the eastern cultures have taught yin and yang. We are a continuous ebb and flow of energy and matter of a cosmic level.

I have never met anyone that is in perfect health all the time. We require exposure to certain germs and viruses to strengthen our immune system. The brain and body learns from its environment. A child educates itself through observation and personal experience regarding dangers in its surroundings. If the environment is always protected the child will not adapt.

Health and wellness are unfortunately not always smooth easy experiences. The mind and body require challenge to grow and expand. Physical and mental exercise taxes the inner being and encourages improvement. A body or mind at rest stays at rest. It is not abnormal to have responsive healing mechanisms to invading organisms or overtaxed body parts.

Soreness, pain, a cough, a fever and many other natural phenomenon are signs you are very alive. Life is ever changing, so expect good days and bad days, good health and bad health.

Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead said it best, “When life looks like easy street there is danger at your door.” Whether you are an optimist or a pessimist life goes on. Your viewpoint of what your daily experiences are makes each of us individuals. Accepting that there is always a balance in life is a sign of maturity and understanding. Illness or lack of health is as important as being well. Accept your lack of health as a stepping-stone to your next level of heightened and improved health.

Quote of the week: “All rising to great places is by a winding stair.” – Francis Bacon

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