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Animals Can Receive Chiropractic Adjustments

Question: My golden retriever has been limping since a car hit him. Can chiropractors treat a dog’s hip problems like the one my dog has?

Answer: Animals get excellent results with chiropractic adjustments and have been for many years. In the state of New Jersey it is required that a chiropractor that treats animals also has a Veterinarian license. There are not many Chiropractors with dual degrees, but they can be contacted. Many of these specialized Chiropractors treat horses. There is a rigid control on race horses and what chemicals or drugs can be administered to them. When a horse is sick or injured even medication to assist their health will be demonstrated in a blood test. The positive testing for a drug could eliminate a horse’s qualifications to compete. It is for this reason that a natural healing approach is utilized to assist and promote health in these competitive animals. The same holds true for racing greyhounds and other competitive show dogs.

Qualified Chiropractors are also common working with livestock on farms, more so out west. It makes sense that if a high-profile animal receives the best natural care to maintain its health, then why shouldn’t your family loved pet also receive that same quality care?

I have personally had three golden retrievers as pets and find that it is imperative to keep their hips aligned. Larger breeds of dogs do have tendencies to develop or be genetically inclined to hip dysplasia or hip arthritis as they mature. In the case of a trauma such as your dog’s car accident it is very important to get to your personal Veterinarian as soon as possible to examine your pet. Pets can’t always communicate the extent of their injuries with just postural and behavioral habit changes. A trained professional should carefully examine your pet to determine potential internal injuries or life threatening damage.

A responsible pet owner should always observe their animal for consistent changes in normal behavior, feed their animal natural healthy diets, exercise their animal,give them plenty of water and even more love.

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