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Immunity and the Microbiome, A Real Partnership

Considering immunity and the microbiome, science demonstrates the microbiota promotes and supports all aspects of the immune system and overall health. Of course, the immune system must be optimal to protect the healthy bacteria of the entire body. There are healthy bacteria in the nasal cavities, mouth, on the skin and of course in the GI tract, etc.

The microbiota of the entire body plays a fundamental, comprehensive, and intricate role in the immune system. In return, the host immune system protects and promotes this symbiotic relationship with the microbiota. In health and wellness, we must support the good bacteria and use natural immune support instead of killing of the good with the bad bacteria when possible.

Immunity and MicrobiomeThe body must be able to tell the difference of good and bad bacteria. This requires a constant sensing of the microbiome. There are feedback loops between innate/natural and adaptive forces. There is constant evaluation of the immune system/microbiome and its mirids of components by these natural and adaptive counterparts. Maintenance of this dialogue requires total body communication and balancing when and where necessary. Therefore, the “Six Steps to Wellness” is a major asset in evaluation and treatment.

The Six Steps evaluates and detected dysfunctions and assists the body’s innate abilities to allow proper function in many cases. We evaluate and implement balance when and where necessary:

  1. Structure (spinal, extremity, craniosacral, visceral, circulation, meridians, lymphatics etc.)
  2. Electromagnetics both external and internal
  3. Emotions and Stress Reduction
  4. Nutritional evaluation and balancing (the microbiome included)
  5. Evaluation and treatment of allergies and sensitivities
  6. Detoxification in many forms

Immunity and the Microbiome Considerations

  • Support of the epithelial cells by the microbiota.
  • Tonic control of hematopoiesis and innate immunity by the microbiota.
  • Non-classical lymphocyte interaction with the microbiota.
  • Adaptive immunity to the microbiota.
  • Balance of immune reactivity to the microbiota.
  • Induction of regulatory responses by the microbiota.
  • Nutritional support, exercise and emotional balancing are all important.

80% of the human immune system is in the gut. We need to understand and support the homeostatic mechanisms, utilizing the best probiotic strains as well as utilizing proper prebiotics to support their growth and resistance.

We must not kill off these important synergistic components to health and homeostasis. Through the Six Steps we can support each aspect through evaluation and supportive therapy.

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For natural immune support consider Opti-Immune VRL and Essential Protect. These have been in the front line of treatment for many patients this past two years for incredible success.

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