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Boost Your Immune System to Fight Flu

Question: I have not been able to get rid of the flu this year. I think I am getting better then the flu symptoms return again. What can you suggest to help me get rid of the flu once and for all?

Answer: Yes, this year’s flu seems to be affecting more people than ever and the symptoms are stronger and more prolonged. Prevention is the best policy, but that won’t help you at this point. How you treat the flu once you get it is based on your belief system in health care. I will give you the natural approach that we suggest to our families and patients.

First, I suggest you boost your immune system with supplemental antioxidants such as vitamin C as well as zinc and calcium. Herbal remedies containing Echinacea, golden seal and chamomile can be supportive also. There are many choices and combinations of cold remedies available. Herbal teas are also very effective. Always consult a specialist in nutrition to find the best supplementation for you as an individual.

What you delete from your dietary intake is as important as what you add when it comes to boosting your immune system. Minimize caffeine, sugar, salt; dense carbohydrates such as rice potatoes, pasta and bread, and most importantly eliminate dairy products that cause mucous formation. Drinking plenty of water and clear broth fluids is essential to prevent dehydration secondary to fevers. Apple cider vinegar is an excellent detoxification agent that can be gargled with. It can also be used in a hot-air humidifier during sleep to break up congestion. Fresh lemons and lemon juice can be used in the same way.

Identify any stress in your life that is presently diminishing your quality of life. If possible, confront your stress at home, work or in your relationships. Harboring pent-up stress lowers the immune system drastically. Find a safe outlet to break up your stress and laugh a lot. When you feel ill changing your state of mind can work wonders for healing.

Chiropractic is an outstanding method of assisting the immune system to fight flu conditions. Chiropractors help balance the nervous system, which directly controls the immune system. When patients tell us they can’t make it in to our office due to having the flu we encourage them to get in – especially on these days to help them heal more efficiently. The patients that do are very grateful. The final ingredient to fighting the flu is plenty of rest. Help your body to help itself.

Quote of the week: “Have the courage to act instead of react.” – Earlene Larson Jenks

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