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A Healthy Home Environment Prevents Winter Colds

Question: Is it possible that I am getting sick due to the heater in my house? Since I turned on the system my nose runs and I feel terrible. Can your home
environment cause illness?

Answer: Your home environment absolutely can contribute to a weakened immune system leading to illness. The winter season has an extreme influence on our internal home environments. Closed windows trap airborne viruses, bacteria and mold. When improper circulation of air is present these germs can become static and multiply. Repetitive cleaning of potential sources of the germs is helpful but it may only scratch the surface of a serious exposure to the cause of the problem.

Some tips for winter household health maintenance include:

  1. Clean all vents, ductwork, chimneys and baseboard elements.
  2. Remove dust and pollen accumulated on windows, paddle fans, ceilings,
    walls and floors.
  3. Have your house checked for mold if there has been a history of water leaks
    prior in the year. If you smell a mold odor or suspect mold in your vents call a
    professional to analyze your heating, air and ventilation systems.
  4. Air purifiers are an exceptional way to collect airborne germs and allergens on
    a daily basis.
  5. Check to maintain proper humidity levels in your home. A dry environment
    may create dry mucous membranes in the sinuses and throat contributing to
    potential irritation or infection.
  6. Be aware of the materials used to build your home and make sure toxic
    materials, such as asbestos, are removed.

Persistent conditions and illness should not be left untreated. Chiropractors are trained professionals in the health field that may help your immune system recover by balancing your nervous system.

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