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A Good Work Out Is Not As Good As An Adjustment

Question: Is a good workout as good as an adjustment?

Answer: A program of good physical exercise can have a positive influence on
your health. But it is not a substitute for chiropractic care. A healthy diet rich in
vegetables fruits and fresh water can have a positive influence on your health but
they are no substitute for chiropractic care. A healthy mental attitude with
meditation and peace has a positive influence on our health but they are no
matches for the importance of a chiropractic adjustment.

Some people incorrectly believe that they can solve their spinal problems
with good workouts. If that were true, bodybuilders and weight lifters would have
perfect spines. However, these and other athletes have found chiropractic care
to be a valuable part of their training program.

The chiropractic adjustment specifically is geared towards balancing the
nervous system, which controls every cell, tissue and organ in the body. Every
system in the body is dependent on the nervous system. Proper nutrition,
exercise and mental attitude play essential roles in our holistic health model but
without a healthy nervous system they will fail every time.

There is no substitute for regular chiropractic care. If you have never had
your spine and nervous system checked by a chiropractor it is time to do so. If
you have not seen your chiropractor in a while it is time to make the call for an
appointment today.

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“I don’t think change is stressful. I think failure is stressful.”
– Bob Stearns

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