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Chiropractic Adds Years to Life and Life to Years

Question: Will maintaining a healthy back affect the length of my life?

Answer: Chiropractic may be the closest answer to what will serve as a fountain of youth. There is no statistic that can accurately validate that any one factor creates longevity but my clinical experience of 24 years has me believing that the patients who maintain a healthy spine add years to their lives and more importantly life to their years.

Considering the fact that your spine harbors and protects your spinal cord and vital nervous system it would seem crucial to manage and nurture this organ as a priority over all others. Your nervous system controls and co-ordinates the function of every cell, tissue, and organ in the body. No information can be initiated unless it goes through your nervous system first. Besides controlling your immune system to fight and heal form invading organisms and disease, the nervous system is responsible for the rejuvenation of all cells after they are damaged or need to be replaced.

A chiropractor plays an integral role in supporting these functions of the nervous system by removing irritation to the spine caused by stress. The stress that interferes with your neurological function does not have to come from physical trauma only. Stress to your nervous system is the result of all your personal environmental exposures such as: family, jobs, relationships, food intake, exercise, and all your personal experiences. Both an over abundance of energy and/or insufficient enervation to the nervous system can cause it to malfunction and over time cause progressive decay and early aging. Correction of these dysfunctions assist the body and mind in reviving and therefore adding life back to your years.

Elderly patients who are able to remain active because they sustain good mobility in their spine and other areas of the bodies have more vitality. Achieving and maintaining structural balance, alignment, and flexibility are strong deterrents to the accumulations of strains and stresses that, when left uncared for, may eventually wear your body down.

Quote of the week: “The most important thing about goals is having one.” —Geoffrey F. Abert

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