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Children of All Ages Benefit from Chiropractic

Question: My neighbor takes all her children to a chiropractor and their ages range from 2-months to 12-years-old. How could all these children of different ages benefit from chiropractic?

Answer: This seems to be the most common question asked for my comments over the last seven years of writing this column. I will give you the reasoning to the most common benefits children receive from chiropractic but bear in mind that the health benefits are limitless.

Colic, either directly after birth or later developed, is a common infant condition treated by chiropractors. Birth trauma can produce a child’s first nervous system compromise. Lacking the ability to speak, your baby cries. And cries. And cries some more. Gentle painless corrections of neurological imbalance in the upper cervical spine; secondary to fetal positioning in the womb or the birth process it self, can be the greatest gift ever to the baby and the parents.

Childhood ear infections rank a close second in common conditions treated by chiropractors. Bio-mechanical restrictions in the neck can compromise the nervous and immune system making your child’s ears a breeding ground for viral infection.

Bedwetting is commonly the result of a compromised nervous system in the lower back. Messages are not correctly transferred to the bladder from the lower back. Many children gain control and, more importantly, regain their confidence and self-esteem with chiropractic care.

Asthma responds excellently to chiropractic care. By reducing neurological compromise to the bronchial tubes, lungs and diaphragm with chiropractic care, attacks can often be reduced or eliminated.

Growing pains, while considered a “phase they are going through”,it’s usually a sign of bio-mechanical stress.

Scoliosis which is an improper lateral curve to the spine, can be detected early by a chiropractor and possible be reduced or corrected. Instead of crude bracing or the all-too-common “watch and wait” approach, chiropractic care has
helped countless children.

The most important treatment for your child is a wellness visit. Monitoring their spine’s growth and ever changing structure can be the best possible way to reduce illness and prevent disease.Bring your child in for a thorough examination. Many of the hard-tocorrect problems we see in adults began in childhood.

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