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Back Acne Can Effect Spinal Health

Question: Can back acne affect my spinal health? It seems that whenever I break out my back muscles hurt also.

Not only can back acne affect your spinal health but also your spinal health can cause your back acne. Spinal nerve roots exit the spine and carry billions of bits of information every second of every day. There is a continuous feedback loop similar to a safety pin. If the opening in the pin is exposed there is a fault in the circuitry. Any kind of stress can interrupt this information and disrupt the communication from any tissue or organ to the spine. Acne anywhere on the body is a sign that inappropriate detoxification is occurring. Many different organs and systems contribute to recognizing invading toxins and destroying them.

Your first lines of defense are your lungs, which filter the air you breathe. The other first line of defense is your digestive track which enzymatically breaks down food you ingest that may contain contaminated particles. The primary means of detoxification is your liver. Your liver filters every thing that enters your bloodstream that made it through the first lines of defense. Your liver is similar to a large waste container. If the sludge or toxic products fill the container they start to spill over into your bloodstream and into surrounding tissues … Tissues that are not equipped to fight the toxins. These toxins can move through your system and eventually be eliminated by your lymphatic system, which is the transportation system to remove garbage out of your body.

This system can also get overloaded or congested in which case it may push toxins to the surface of your skin. The skin is the largest detoxifying organ of the body but it is also the worse. The skin is only geared to sweat out toxins to its surface. An excess of toxins on the skin’s surface – produced by a congested liver, lungs or lymphatic systems, can result in acne. This type of acne is more likely to be a consistent and chronic problem.

Treating conditions such as these topically is just putting out fires not the cause. Your nervous system’s role in these scenarios is to read the information being sent by the organs of detoxification and stimulate or reduce nerve supply appropriately to assist those dysfunctional organs and tissues. In reverse, the irritated nervous system may adversely send excess or too little nerve supply if it is irritated by a stress. The solution is to first keep up a healthy nervous system with regular chiropractic care and to detoxify all your cleansing systems. Once cleansed proper diet, exercise and mental balance can help minimize your acne.

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