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What Are Stem Cells And How Are They Used To Relieve Pain?

By now, you've probably heard about regenerative medicine and stem cells being used for pain reduction to enhance your quality of life. Stem cell therapy is a game-changer when it comes to the way doctors tackle pain treatment. This medical advancement is non-surgical and does not require dependence on prescription pain medication or opioids.

Although we all have them in our bodies, these cells are unique because of their potential to develop into different cell types. When they divide, a process called differentiation occurs, where new cells either remain as stem cells or become other, more specialized cells. These new cells can potentially differentiate into muscle, bone, ligament, or tendon, making them suitable for tissue repair and regeneration.

Stem Cells for Pain Relief Tom's River, NJ

Stem Cells for Pain Relief

Stem cell therapy focuses on self-healing and tissue engineering, to develop biological substitutes that restore, maintain, or improve the functions of human tissue. Special cells called mesenchymal stem cells are successfully being used to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions where they can help promote healing.

Injections containing mesenchymal stem cells and growth factors, sourced from birth tissue, are showing promise for the treatment of chronic pain. These treatments differ a bit from stem cell therapy, which involves the use of cells taken from your body, typically from your adipose tissue or bone marrow.

Techniques used to harvest them are invasive and may be painful. When they are derived from your bone marrow, a hole is drilled into the pelvis, and a large needle used to extract the bone marrow, which contains stem cells. The technique for harvesting from adipose tissue or fat cells, while sometimes uncomfortable, may be tolerated by some patients. The drawback to this form of stem cell therapy is that if the patient has a history of cancer or poor health, we may not be able to use their cells and may have to consider alternatives.

An alternative option for stem cell therapy is a treatment containing Wharton's jelly. This tissue attracts stem cells like a magnet by providing chemicals that focus on the affected area. These are not stem cells, but birth tissue collected from healthy donors during cesarean sections. This tissue would have been otherwise discarded after birth.

Tissue banks that adhere to strict government guidelines and standards collect and prepare this bioactive tissue for safety before distributing to medical clinics for therapeutic utilization. Depending on your unique symptoms, treatments containing stem cells may be injected into your injured joint, tendon, or ligament.

If you're considering stem cell therapy for chronic pain, it makes sense to do some research first. In Mount Pleasant, SC, our clinic offers the most innovative regenerative medicine treatment for the entire spectrum of musculoskeletal diseases and conditions.

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