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What are Regenerative Cells?

Regenerative cells are young and vital cells used to regenerate injured or diseased tissue. It is becoming increasingly common in the realm of alternative pain management and sports medicine. It offers natural treatment of tissue damage like arthritis pain relief, knee pain, and neck and low back degeneration. Surgery does not have to be your first recourse. In many cases, you can avoid it altogether with regenerative cell therapy.

Umbilical Cord Cellular Therapy

The youngest and most potent regenerative cells are natural remedies for joint pain and inflammation. They are derived from human umbilical cords. The cords contain a substance known as Wharton’s jelly. It is brimming with agents that can help heal injured tissue in nearly any patient without risk of rejection. The jelly is obtained by mothers who donate their babies’ umbilical cords after healthy C-section births.

Umbilical Cord Cellular Therapy Tom's River NJ

The undifferentiated cells and other healing factors are extracted from the cords and obtained by reputable tissue banks for use by regenerative medicine clinics. Neither mothers nor babies are harmed in any way from the harvesting process. Instead of being thrown away, the cord is used to help others, a concept not unlike organ or blood donation.

Umbilical cord therapy provides measurable results in joint pain relief, natural back pain relief, and other types of alternative pain management.

What Are Some Other Sources for Regenerative Cells?

Wharton’s jelly contains an abundance of regenerative cells like cytokines, mesenchymal cells, proteins, lipids, and other healing substances. These agents can take on the role of cells in nearly any other body. This quality makes them excellent donor cells. When injected into the source of pain or degeneration, the cells adapt to their environment and then join with cells at the pain site. They send chemical signals to the degenerated cells and switch on their own healing ability.

It’s important to note that regenerative cells are not the same thing as stem cells, which are derived from a patient’s own body or, sometimes, a close relative. Harvesting from adipose tissue is a quick and easy way to source stem cells, but it has drawbacks. Fatty tissue stores environmental toxins and ages with the patient; any stem cells harvested are not as plentiful or as potent as young cells.

Another type of stem cell is sourced from bone marrow. Like adipose, marrow stem cells are the same age as the patient. Marrow cell extraction involves drilling a small hole into the patient’s hip or pelvic bone. There is a risk of infection. We consider it a very involved – and very painful – way to obtain a relatively sparse sample.

Our practice does not perform stem cell therapy. We prefer the powerful agents found in Wharton’s jelly-derived mesenchymal cells. Umbilical cord cellular therapy is ethically sourced, free from toxins, and high in potency.

It is up to the doctor and patient working together to determine the best natural remedies for joint pain and inflammation. Our doctors invite you to a free consultation to discuss how regenerative cells can help you find natural joint pain relief and regain a more active life.

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