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Human Cellular Tissue

Whether your pain is occasional, frequent, or chronic, it can affect your sense of well-being and interfere with your enjoyment of life. Our medical professionals provide human cellular tissue to patients living throughout Ocean County, New Jersey. This regenerative medicine treatment targets the source of your pain with all-natural healing for long-term, often permanent, relief.

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What Are Stem Cells? Toms River, NJ

What is Cellular Tissue?

There are trillions of cellular tissue in our body. Cells divide and make copies of themselves continuously as well as during the healing process. This process can be interrupted or even stopped as you age when you are sick or suffer an injury.

When this happens, a disease can progress, or in the case of injury, you can have difficulty healing. Should your body be unable to generate healthy tissue following an injury, it can affect your mobility and cause pain.

What makes human cellular tissue so special is that they are adaptable. They have the ability to become any type of cell in your body. Instead of just creating duplicates of themselves, they can be introduced into areas of the body that are unable to heal, and they will repair the existing tissue. Once introduced, the cell tissue gets to work, enabling your body to naturally repair and restore tissue with astounding results.

Types of Cell Tissue

There are many types of cell tissue available for regenerative medicine purposes, including:

  • Mesenchymal cells
  • Bone marrow cells
  • Adipose tissue cells

Unfortunately, not all have the same effectiveness when it comes to healing and pain management.

Mesenchymal cells, derived from Wharton’s jelly, are collected via umbilical allograft. It does not depend on extraction from the patient, and instead safely and painlessly harvests healthy cells during the birth process of a donor. These are incredibly young and active cells that readily help your body repair once injected. These are the cells we use most often in our regenerative treatment.

Bone marrow cells are harvested from the patient by drilling a small hole in your hip. This process is not only painful but also puts you at risk of infection.

Another option is harvesting adipose tissue cells from the patient. This extracts fat cells in an uncomfortable procedure, not unlike liposuction. Adipose cells also tend to hold on to toxins your body has tried to filter out, making them less pure and riskier for treatment.

Because both bone marrow and adipose cells are taken from the patient, the treatment is not as effective in patients over 30 because the cells are older and less active. We do not use either of these cells.

Stem Cell Regeneration Lakewood Township, NJ

Cell Regeneration

Celluar tissue has the ability to adapt, duplicate, heal, and fight disease. Mesenchymal cells are healthy, young, and strong, making them more effective at replacing cellular in older patients.

We use mesenchymal cells to provide a boost to your body’s natural ability to regenerate tissue. This quickly jump-starts your natural healing process so that you can overcome injury and get rid of nagging pain.

To learn more about how we can relieve your pain with human cellular tissue in Ocean County, Toms River, Lakewood Township, Point Pleasant, Beachwood, or any nearby city in New Jersey, call us today at (732) 244-0222 for a complimentary consultation. Our doctors will improve your well-being and get you back to living a more active life.

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