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Natural Hair Restoration

Hair loss is a part of getting old. We all have to face it some day but some unfortunately have to worry about it sooner than others. Those worries can now come to an end. Hair loss is when the hair follicles are destroyed and covered by scar tissue but there are a few things that can cause this. Some are temporary and some are permanent.

Temporary causes of hair loss include: stressful events, hormonal changes, medication side effects. Hair loss caused by these will usually recover once the cause disappears. Permanent causes of hair loss include: heredity hair loss, side effects of radiation treatments, and certain hairstyling. Heredity hair loss is the most common and is the hair loss most of us see as we age.

How does PRP help with Hair Regrowth Tom's River NJ It’s heredity because if and when it hits you is dependent on our genes. Hair loss from radiation treatments isn’t complete but hair doesn’t regrow the same way it did before the treatment. Certain hairstyles and hair treatments can cause permanent hair loss if they’re used over a long period of time. These tend to be hairstyles that pull hair back harshly and things that stress hair greatly. These are what can cause hair loss but how can hair be restored? Well, the place to start is obviously healing and restoring the damaged hair follicles. A way to do this is with platelet rich plasma.

How does PRP help with Hair Regrowth

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a regenerative medicine that is a natural treatment. It uses the platelets in our blood to heal and speed up the recovery of damaged tissue. This works because this is what platelets are naturally used for in our bodies. How it is made is by taking a sample of the patient’s blood and rapidly spinning it until it is a substance heavy in platelets.

This is then injected where it is needed to provide a boost to healing or to provide healing that wouldn’t otherwise occur without the injection. So that’s how PRP works but how does it help with hair loss? PRP can help with hair loss by healing the damaged hair follicles and allowing hair to then start regrowing on its own. It is also rich in the growth factors that hair needs present to grow. It heals and provides your hair with what it needs in order to start growing again. All while being natural and a simple procedure that requires no messy surgery.

Hair loss is something that scares all of us and we often don’t know how bad it’ll be until it starts happening. It becomes a constant worry especially when it starts sooner than anyone would ever want it to. It used to be unrecoverable but now with PRP, hair can be restored easily without the hassle of surgery that often didn’t look all that good to begin with. Hair can be restored by helping it naturally grow back and give you the head of hair you had before it started to thin or bald.

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