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Improve Your Immune System With IV Therapy

Increasingly, we have become concerned with our body’s ability to ward off diseases. Pandemics and outbreaks of infectious diseases have affected every aspect of our lives, from work to school to travel to quarantining to try to stop the spread of these potentially lethal infections.

While these mitigation strategies can lessen the chances of contracting the diseases, they do not eliminate those chances altogether. Therefore, strategies to increase the body’s immune response are needed as well, and there are current solutions beyond vaccines that can help us help ourselves.

Immune Response

One of the most powerful tools our body has to maintain our health is our immune response. When your body is functioning normally, it responds to bacterial and viral threats with a coordinated effort at a cellular level, releasing white blood cells to combat the invasive cells, stopping the disease in its tracks.

Both the innate and adaptive immune responses within our body require vitamins and minerals and proper hydration to function properly. If your immune system is compromised by other autoimmune disorders, chemotherapy, or other reasons, your body is less able to ward off infections, making you more susceptible to disease.

Maintaining appropriate levels of these nutrients optimizes your body’s immune response, leaving you better protected in the current world of COVID-19 variants, monkeypox, and a slew of other communicable diseases.

Benefits of IV Therapy

While it is always a good idea to eat a balanced diet to ensure you are getting a proper amount of vitamins and minerals, the world in which we live is not designed to make that easy. Overwork, overscheduling, overexercise, and numerous other reasons can rob us of our best intentions and lessen our intake of nutritious foods, which in turn compromises our immune response.

Fortunately, there are treatments such as IV (intravenous) therapy that can assist with numerous symptoms associated with these diseases and help bring your immune system to an optimal level through the following benefits:

  • Speed of introduction: IV therapy gets the vitamins and nutrients you need directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the need for metabolizing the nutrients and getting them to the organs and cells immediately

  • Concentration of dose: IV therapy allows for concentrated doses beyond what you would find in a simple, balanced diet or even over-the-counter supplements.

  • Energy and hydration: Rapid introduction of essential nutrients, such as calcium and B-complex vitamins, can increase your cardiac health immediately and give you the energy you have been lacking. The hydration within the IV bag can restore optimal function to all of your cellular systems much more directly than simply drinking energy drinks without the unwanted caloric intake.

  • Personalization: IV therapy can be tailored to your body’s own needs by the medical team, who assess the threats to your health and respond with a vitamin solution that matches your needs.

  • Immune boost and recovery from symptoms: IV therapy can give your body a needed boost to restore the immune system to a level at which it can fight off disease, but what if you have already gotten sick? Many of the symptoms of COVID-related illness, such as fever, fatigue, and ongoing respiratory issues can be eased by the hydration and vitamin content in IV therapy.

Please contact us to schedule a session of IV therapy and give your body its best chance to fight or recover from infection and optimize your health.

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