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Chiropractors Help Our Military

Question: Is it true chiropractors were part of the medical team treating our soldiers in Iraq?

Answer: Yes is it is true chiropractors were an essential part of the healing forces keeping our troops healthy and sharp. I have been hearing more and more reports of their courageous services from my colleagues as well as soldiers serving our country.

The truth is chiropractors have been part of our military for many years. A bill was passed for implementing $18 million in funding for chiropractic benefits for active duty military personnel. This is an increase of $6 million over what was requested in the prior year. This bill (HR 1588) was approved by the Congressional Armed Services Committee. In their statement, they indicated, “High
quality health care is essential for attracting and preserving the best qualified personnel for military services.”

There was a time, not so long ago, that if we were successful in getting a chiropractic provision into a congressional bill, it had to be done quickly and in the dead of night. Now proponents of legislation are using chiropractic as one of their selling points. I respect and honor all the healing practitioners that perform service for our armed forces abroad and at home. They are among many of the unsung heroes of our country. I am proud to know that our government is acknowledging the multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare for military personnel.

Our country does stand for freedom and especially freedom of choice when it comes to how we choose our healthcare. I only hope that the position our government has taken with the military will transfer over to our Medicare and major medical systems, which are diminishing coverage rather than increasing it.

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Willa A. Foster

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