Vax-D Testimonials

Frank Brescia

I was one of the first patients to be treated with Vax-D at Beachwood Low Back Rehab Center. In 1988 my then future mother-in-law just about carried me in to the center. I had sciatic pain, was numb in my left foot, walked with a cane, and was on pain medication. For two weeks my fiancée and her mother had tried to persuade me to seek help here. I finally gave in. With my first treatment I felt some relief. I heard a slight "pop" and the searing pain diminished. I've heard this is not the norm. I proceeded to complete the prescribed amount of Vax-D treatments. Since then I've gotten married, resumed bowling, and maintain a relatively normal pain-free life. Once in a while I will forget myself and do something I regret … Like a few months ago I tried to pull a fence post out of the ground. This sent me back for a few more Vax-D treatments. Now I'm fine. I feel great.

Ed Weireter

In January 2004 I had a serious medical problem, three aneurysms. I had to have major surgery on my ascending aorta. My low back gave me a lot of pain but I had to wait to recover from the surgery to seek help. I used to lie on the floor, apply hot water compresses, take pain medicine – whatever it took to get some relief from the pain. Just four months after surgery I attended a Vax-D seminar at Beachwood Low Back Rehab Center. I'm 71 years old and now I can stand straight. I can bend over and touch the floor. Everyone's perception of pain is different. I would say on a scale of 1 to 10, my pain is now at a 2. I suggest you give Vax-D a try.

Frank Trotta

I'm an auto mechanic so 99 percent of my job is physical. I suffered with a bad back for 20 years. I would go to the chiropractor, get a few adjustments, and it would get better. But then one day I bent over to pick up the cat and blew out my back. My MRI showed one herniated and two bulging disks. I didn't want to go under the knife. I tried Vax-D. In less than one month I was feeling better. After two months I was OK. Now I can do my kick-boxing. I can drive my motorcycle. I owe it all to Dr. Pollack and the Vax-D therapy.

Stephanie Dolan

In 1993 I was in an auto accident. I was rear ended. This resulted in a couple of bulging disks. I received chiropractic treatment for four years. This helped to some degree, but I couldn't hold my newborn 10-pound nephew. I had numbness along my backside and leg. I sought help through Vax-D therapy. Shortly thereafter I had a surprise. I was taking a shower and scalded myself! I had feeling! I went from having to "live with it" to having a life again. After my Vax-D treatments I could walk 10 miles and ride my bike. My life had quality again. But 3 ½ years ago I had another auto accident. I was broad-sided at 50 mph. I went back for more Vax-D therapy. It worked. Occasionally I'll play golf too hard or just overdo something and I'll need a few follow-up treatments. It's incredible. I tell anyone … forget epidural injections and surgery. Vax-D is worth it. It helps different people to varying degrees. Some get relief almost immediately, others take longer. Without Dr. Pollack and Vax-D I would have no quality of life.