Dr. Pollack and staff have helped thousands of patients achieve optimal health. Read what some of them had to say about Pollack Health and Wellness, Inc.

Claire P.

I make it a habit to look for the good in other people, but I didn’t have to look to hard when I entered your treatment center.

I was nervous, frightened and somewhat skeptical when I arrived. As a professional nurse, I always make my health situation far worse then it probably is, and this was no exception. You and your staff did everything they could to allay my fears, accommodate me and patiently answer all my questions. This was a big decision for me. I had airline tickets to spend Christmas with one of my sons in California but opted to start the VAX-D treatment.

Your billing department investigated my insurance and they put my mind at ease. They were always there to answer my concerns.

My Christmas was enhanced by my daily visits with the kind, caring and professional group that I looked forward to seeing everyday. They certainly exhibit a genuine caring for their clients.

Keep up the good work!!!

Frank B.

Frank was one of our first VAX-D patients. He came to us in June of 1994 after suffering for more than a year with a bulging disc which resulted from a car accident.

Before starting VAX-D treatment he was put on traction which only made the pain in his back and lower legs worsen. Three different types of physical therapy were tried, to no avail.

A good friend of his recommended us. Frank thought about it for awhile. That was all he did was think about it. He felt he had tried so many avenues and nothing had worked. He was skeptical about this relatively new form of non-surgical treatment. But, finally, he relented and decided to give it a try. Within one week of treatment, he started to feel better. In just a few short weeks, Frank felt, in his own words, “100 percent better!” He no longer had pain in his back and legs and has returned to work as a corrections officer.

Dear Dr. Pollack,

I read your article and was so inspired. I loved hearing the history of how you began your business. It was very insightful! I am so happy that upon moving to this area 1 1/2 years ago that I found you! A wonderful, knowledgeable, and compassionate person... And I am proud that you are my chiropractor! Blessings to you and your staff always.


Anne Marie

Kathy M.

A Miracle! That’s what I truly believe it was. I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my lower back and a pinched nerve in my right leg. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t sleep, and I was in constant pain. I was loaded with painkillers. My outlook looked bleak. Surgery was my only option, until I heard about the VAX-D treatment.

With the urging of my family I decided to check it out. During my consultation with Dr. Pollack I was offered “hope”. He told me the VAX-D treatment was like a non-invasive surgery. All of the staff at the center were caring and friendly. After five treatments on the VAX-D machine I started to feel relief. I was on the road to recovery! After 19 treatments I recommended this treatment for anyone with a herniated or degenerative disc or with any amount of lower back pain. It truly works!

Ted K.

In the fall of 1996 I was introduced to VAX-D therapy and I was wondering then why I waited so long to heal myself. Normally a very healthy and active individual, I found myself in agony and pain every day and night, unable to do the things that I could normally do just six months prior. As an avid cyclist, It broke my heart to not be able to ride, to not be able to participate in the simple joy of cycling. A normal cycling week for me was in excess of 150 miles. Walking, swimming and even sitting became a horror.

Briefly, in the spring of the same year, my wife and I embarked on remodeling our kitchen. A task which, ultimately, led to my lower back ailments. In April, while descending a ladder, I took one extra step too many and hyper-extended my back, or so I thought. In fact I thought nothing of it and continued working, for the next two months I ignored it. I participated in a benefit cycling event for Multiple Sclerosis in May (170 miles). After that ride, I really began to feel the pain. I consulted a chiropractor, a friend of my family and he began therapeutic treatments of massages and adjustments. Regrettably, I found no relief and if anything the pain only dissipated once in a while. X-rays revealed a spine that was a little out of alignment but nothing that chiropractic care couldn’t take care of. But there was something else there that was causing pain as well.

On a beautiful Friday in July of 1996, after months of saving and excitement, I purchased a new bike in anticipation of the upcoming fall season of mountain biking. I never got on that new bike. That Friday would also be the day I suffered a back spasm that would have me on my back for the next week, have me walking with a cane and crying from the excruciating pain. My Chiropractor ordered an MRI and suggested VAX-D. On a side note, I had mentioned to my Chiropractor that surgery was not an option and that I would live the rest of my life in pain before I let it get to that point. The MRI showed a bulging disk and a herniated one at L4/L5. Typical lower back injury. An appointment was made to meet with Dr. Pollack.

My wife and I visited Dr. Pollack at his Beachwood, NJ office in mid August and I agreed to give the treatment a try. The testimonials, video and literature were enough to convince me that perhaps this could be my saving grace. I began my 23 sessions the first week of September with great anticipation. Patience paid off and by the ninth session, I began to feel a difference. I was able to walk without a cane, was able to get out of bed without pain and was able to sleep through the night. After the 18 consecutive sessions were complete I began my “maintenance” sessions. By the end of the year, I felt nearly 100%. In January, I got on my bike for the first time since July and I was nearly in tears, I was that happy.

I finished with my maintenance sessions with VAX-D and continue a healthy habits mentality today (watching how I lift, turn and continue exercising). So far this year I have logged nearly 3000 miles on my bike and have taken part in a number of cycling events including the Multiple Sclerosis ride again in May 1997, American Cancer Society ride in July and others. Had it not been for the fine care and treatment that I received through VAX-D and Dr. Pollack’s wonderful and caring staff I don’t believe I could have achieved what I did this year.

My advice to anyone with any sort of lower back pain is to consider VAX-D. It worked for me and for many others, it made a difference in my life and it will in yours.

To Dr. Pollack and his staff, my deepest gratitude and thanks for all you have done for me.

Val D.


I am writing this to say that VAX-D really helped me.

I am a self-employed mechanic and have had chronic back pain for many years. Some years back, I herniated a couple of discs in my lower back. It gave me sciatic pain that was unbearable. I made many visits to the chiropractor but to no avail. I then chose to have back surgery. A laminectomy was performed. I was much better at the time after a 4-day hospital stay, and a very long recovery period. But, even after my recovery still had some back pain. To relieve the back pain I continued my chiropractic care with much success.

Being a mechanic, I had to continue lifting heavy things and put my body and back in odd positions to perform my job. Once again I herniated some discs in my back putting me back in intense pain, unable to do even the most everyday things that people take for granted. I went to the chiropractor bemoaning the fact that I probably had to undergo surgery once again. When Dr. Pollack explained to me about VAX-D, I decided I was willing to try anything that didn’t involve surgery. I am thankful that I did. With continued chiropractic care, and VAX-D, I was able to move without intense pain and have been working since. I don’t know that it is for everyone but I do know it helped me. It saved my back from going under the knife again, and I am much better because of the VAX-D. If you are a person that is undergoing the same intense pain as I did, I urge you to consider this form of treatment. It truly helped me and I know the benefits of this can help others too.

Frank B.

I was one of the first patients to be treated with VAX-D at the center. In 1988 my then future mother-in-law just about carried me in to the center. I had sciatic pain, was numb in my left foot, walked with a cane, and was on pain medication. For two weeks my fiancée and her mother had tried to persuade me to seek help here. I finally gave in. With my first treatment I felt some relief. I heard a slight “pop” and the searing pain diminished. I’ve heard this is not the norm. I proceeded to complete the prescribed amount of VAX-D treatments. Since then I’ve gotten married, resumed bowling, and maintain a relatively normal pain-free life. Once in a while I will forget myself and do something I regret … Like a few months ago I tried to pull a fence post out of the ground. This sent me back for a few more VAX-D treatments. Now I’m fine. I feel great.

Ed M. W.

In January 2004 I had a serious medical problem, three aneurysms. I had to have major surgery on my ascending aorta. My low back gave me a lot of pain but I had to wait to recover from the surgery to seek help. I used to lie on the floor, apply hot water compresses, take pain medicine – whatever it took to get some relief from the pain. Just four months after surgery I attended a VAX-D seminar the Center. I’m 71 years old and now I can stand straight. I can bend over and touch the floor. Everyone’s perception of pain is different. I would say on a scale of 1 to 10, my pain is now at a 2. I suggest you give VAX-D a try.

Lance S.

Lance came to the center with pain in his lower back and down his left leg. He experienced this pain for about one month until he came to the Center in July of ‘98. In just 6 visits he was on the road to recovery. As a result his overall health improved to 80%!

Lance states, “I’m not feeling much pain anymore, especially when sleeping. Sinuses have also cleared up.”

Mary H.

Mary had suffered from left leg pain and sciatica for three weeks. She had seen her primary doctor before coming here and was taking Motrin to help with the pain. On March 24, 2000 Mary came to the center for her first treatment. in just 6 visits results became apparent. She has seen an 85% improvement with her problem and says that her overall health has even improved. Mary feels better about herself than she did before and she doesn’t nibble on food like she used to. Her left leg has greatly improved and she doesn’t feel any more pain.

Norma M.

For one week prior to coming in for treatment, Norma was experiencing sciatica pain and pain in her groin. Her medical doctor prescribed a muscle relaxer but it did not take away the problem. Within one week of treatment here results became apparent! Her overall health has improved over 60%.

Norma says, “The sciatic pain is gone, just a little soreness and I feel better mentally.”

William N.

William came to the center with pain in his lower back and left leg. He experienced this pain for a couple of days before receiving care here. In about one week, William began to see positive results. His overall health improved to 85%!

William says chiropractic care “took away leg pain.” He also states he “could barely walk and was bent over when came in and now I can walk distances.”